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Benefits of a Pull Up Routine

There are many benefits to having a pull up routine. It is a great strength building exercise. One pull-up works out the following muscles: Fingers, back, forearms, biceps, shoulders, core, and triceps. Do you want to do pull ups but can’t figure out how to be able to do them? The only to get better is to do them over time. Get that first one out of the way. You can do one? Great. Do two now! You can’t do two? Do two the next day.  The key here is to keep doing them until you are strong enough to increase your reps.

This will be a slow process and take some time. Once you are comfortable and can do more than a couple pull ups it’s time to set a pull up routine. The routine that I will provide is layered to give you time to rest in-between reps and build up your strength.

Sample Pull Up Routine

Week 1: 6 sets of 2 repetitions. Do these 3 times a week.

Week 2: 5 Sets of 3 repetitions. 3 times a week.

Week 3: 4 Sets of 4 repetitions. 3 times a week.

Week 4: 3 Sets of 5 repetitions. 3 times a week.

At this point in time you should be comfortable doing pull ups. It is time to switch your routine up a bit. If you can do more then do more. But if you are still having a hard time, just focus on completing the goal. If week 4 takes two weeks to do, then that’s fine.

Tips on Developing a Pull Up Routine

  1. Put a pull up bar on one of the doors to the bathroom or kitchen. Every time you walk in the door or out the door, you had to do a max set of pull ups.
  2. If you like to run, set your route to go through parks. Many parks have pull-up bars set up as fitness centers. Stop here and do your reps. Then continue your run.

Starting your pull-up routine is difficult. Proper pull up equipment can be hard to find. But once you put in the pain and embarrassment of only being able to do half a pull-up aside, your strength will gradually increase to where you will be proud of how many pull ups you can do. So get started on your pull up routine today!

Perfect Pull Up

Pull ups are extremely difficult to do. Did you know that the average person cannot even do one pull up? There’s a reason that they are difficult to do. It is because they use so many muscles in your body that most of them are not developed to lift your own body weight. I would say that the pull up is better than any free weight or machine you can use in the gym. The risk of injury holding a heavy bar over your head without much support is much greater than when you perform a pull up and just pull your body weight up. The muscles worked out in a pull up are fingers, forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and your core.

This doesn’t include the specific names of all the smaller muscles in your back. This still doesn’t explain why you want to do a pull up correctly. The secret out there is that women dig a V-shape torso. A big back signifies that the male is strong enough to protect and take care of a woman. Doing a pull up makes your V wider and it also a great weight burning mechanism because as you progress, you will get stronger and do more pull ups. You also lose weight when you increase your reps.

How to make your routine stick

To do a pull up, you need some sort of sturdy bar somewhere. Even solid tree limbs would work if you have access to one. There are also the outside gyms that were created next to jogging trails and in parks. There is always a pull up station at one of these, so if you do walk or run by one just stop and use it. For me the most practical solution was to buy a pull up bar. I have this in my doorframe so that I don’t forget to use it. I don’t have a set schedule, but I do bust out some pull ups two or three times a week. For reps, I’ve been doing one rep, resting, do 2 reps, rest, do 3 reps, rest up until I can’t finish. The reps really don’t matter, what does matter is that you are doing some kind of pulling yourself up each week. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to do pull ups, so effectively if you can spare 20 minutes a week, you will see some results. Of course beginners who aren’t accustomed to doing pull ups will only spend a few minutes a week on the pull up. Don’t be discouraged, instead be encouraged each time you get closer to your goals.

Perfect Pull Up Form

First grip the bar with your palms facing outward. Do not rest your grip on your fingers, but rest on the soft part below your fingers so you do not get injured. Start from a dead hang position with straight arms. Pull your shoulders down toward your body. Make sure to use your back because that is the primary muscles that are being worked out. If you do not use your lats to pull up then it will be hard to improve your form. Crossing your legs contracts your lower body. This allows other muscles to make each other stronger when you do your work out. Pull your up body until your shoulders reach the bar. This is a full rep. When you can do one, just aim to do one more next time. It might take weeks to be able to do more than two or three, but when you do reach that point, they get a little easier to do.

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